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Whether you are a caregiver, family member, or employed in a profession helping seniors, you know that elders can often use a little cheering up... May we help?

Seniors need uplifting!
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Our series of books, cds and videos for seniors touches the hearts of seniors with memories, music, and reminiscence. You'll find positive books, cds and videos which will make that beloved senior in your life smile! Our books and recordings are great for groups or individual reading, listening or viewing. They also make a lovely gift for Moms, Dads, Grandmas and Grandpas, Shut ins, Those in Hospital or Hospice, Senior Centers, Independent Living and Assisted Living Facilities, Nursing Homes, Alzheimer's Units, And Adult Daycare. Brighten the day of an elder with books and media especially for Seniors from Abundant Change!


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Books and Media For Seniors

Words and Music for Manifesting Series

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audio sample

Meditations for Healing
with Michael D. Purvis, BME

A Musical, Affirmational, Soothing, Healing Journey which is for People of all Outlooks and Spiritual Paths and which Helps any one Become a Part of their own Healing Process of Body, Mind and Spirit!

Available Now in:
Downloadable CD Format

Let author, poet and composer Michael D. Purvis take those you work with, love or care for (or even you, yourself!) on a musical, affirmational, healing journey which empowers the listener to:

  • prepare for healing, affirm/pray for healing (in an inclusive style
  • connect with all the prayers for healing throughout the world
  • know that "all shall be well"
  • affirm financial and temporal security during the healing process
  • heal relationships
  • understand the purpose of illness and "dis-ease"

How is this recording useful for people of any age?

  • It works well for any one of any outlook or spiritual path.
  • Great for those who are ill, depressed or recovering:
    at home, in eldercare, hospital or hospice
  • It's inclusive, non-threatening, and soothing!
  • It promotes healing of body, mind, and spirit!
  • Improves frame of mind, and sense of participation in the healing process.
  • Great for enhancing one-on-one visits, or to pop in the player after a visit by a professional, family member or caregiver

...Beneficial for any one of any age, outlook or spiritual path!

Stories and Songs for Elders

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audio sample

Stories and Songs for Elders
Stories/Singalongs in Four Volumes

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Order All Four Volumes in any format
and receive up to 20% off!

Available Now in:
Downloadable Book and CD Format
Available soon in:
Downloadable Video Format

Vol. 1: Grandma Ruby & Grandpa Raymond Consider a New Routine
Vol. 2: Grammie & Me
Vol. 3: Grandpa's Bad Day!
Vol. 4:

Old Reverend Judi & Bolderdash the Church Cat

A unique, innovative, affordable, new set of materials!
Click above to see...

story descriptions & songlists for each volume.

Check out how motivational these
stories are for elders,

and see how this series' accompanying singalongs group together the most beloved old songs!

Designed to be used with elders by:

  • professionals in eldercare settings
  • family members & caregivers
    in home, eldercare, hospital settings

Memory Books/ Memory Boxes

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audio sample

Memory Books/Memory Boxes
A Reminiscence Series for the Elderly with Memorabilia, Discussions & Singalong
in Four Volumes!

Available Now in:
Downloadable Book Format
Available soon in:
Downloadable CD and Video Format

This series has it all!
A unique, innovative, affordable new set of materials...

Click above to see descriptions of each volume's topics & songlists. You'll want to see all these great topics and songs!

Designed to be used with Elders by:

  • professionals in eldercare settings
  • family members & caregivers
    in home, eldercare, hospital and hospice settings

Makes a great gift to someone you love...
For an anniversary, birthday, Valentine's Day, Grandparents' Day, Mother's Day, Father's day-
or any day!

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Michael Purvis About the Author...
Michael D. Purvis, BME, is a graduate of Jordan College of Fine Arts, Butler University. A lifelong student and seeker of truth, Mr. Purvis authors books, composes music, and makes recordings for those seeking spiritual and practical guidance for their life-journey. Michael's materials are designed to aid readers and listeners in getting clear about their individual purpose, and thus enable them to move in the direction of a life of meaning, purpose, abundance, and service. Michael has seen in his own experience how clarity, sincere desire, purity of intention, and consistent effort can truly move one in the direction of significant positive change, and he wants to share this message with the world....CLICK HERE FOR MORE ABOUT MICHAEL AND HIS WORK

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