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Memory Books/Memory Boxes
in Four Volumes

Available Soon in Downloadable Book, CD and Video Format

Memory Books/ Memory Boxes

Compact Disc

2-CD sets for the Price of One!







Memory Books/Memory Boxes is the excellent, useful, flexible new reminiscing series you can actually afford! And it even includes a full-length, large print singalong, featuring all the songs elders know and love!

Memory Books/Memory Boxes is a wonderful new tool... for Activity Directors, Music and Recreational Therapists, family members and caregivers alike. Now you can afford to purchase a wonderful set of materials which allow you to look at and discuss nostalgic, family-oriented memoribilia with elders individually or in a group. This series has four volumes, each available with a recording and a book. The format for each volume includes four memory-inducing topics, and pictures and discussion questions for each of the four topics. Use it at coffee hour, for one on one visits, or make a brand new activity, which is sure to be a success!

And don't forget the added benefit of a singalong...
After you have had a delightful and stimulating discussion, then you can utilize the nostalgic singalong included with each volume As you know, any activity with music boost the appeal for your residents!

This series can make a month to a year's worth of activities for you, and save time in planning...
There are enough pictures, questions, and songs to have four different activities per volume. So, if you want to turn this book series into a weekly activity, you would have a month's worth of activities per volume, four months worth for the whole series. Or, you could use this series for a monthly activity, which would give you over a year's worth of activities if you buy the series.

You can buy the books and recordings together or separately, One at a time, or as a series...
The book can be bought separately or in conjunction with the CD/Cassette. Buy the volumes one at a time or as a series, as your budget allows. The advantage of buying the recording is that if you wish, Michael can lead the discussion and describe the pictures for you, plus lead the singalong for you (on the CD/Cassette). Each book is useful on its own, but the combination of the books and recordings is wonderful, since you will have both audio and visual stimulation for your residents.

Four Volumes...
Each with a nostalgic singalong featuring beautiful singing, piano, banjo, guitar & recorder

Click on a Volume Number
Below for More Details

Volume 1
Pictures, Musical Interludes, and thoughtful discussion questions for use with elders on the subject of Babyhood and Childhood, plus a delightful nostalgic singalong!

Volume 2
Pictures, Musical Interludes, and insightful discussion questions for use with elders on the subject of Schooldays (Grammar, High school and College), plus a second delightful nostalgic singalong!

Volume 3
Pictures, Musical Interludes, and useful discussion questions for use with elders on the subject of Falling in Love (Puppy Love, Young Love, Dating, and Marriage), plus a third delightful nostalgic singalong!

Volume 4
Pictures, Musical Interludes, and Discussion Questions for use with elders on the subject of Marriage, Motherhood, and Fatherhood, plus a singalong which includes wonderful old hymns, spirituals, gospel, and Christmas songs!


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