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My Great Journey
An Uplifting Book for those Dealing with Serious Illness, their Families and Caregivers, about the Transitional Journey and its Meaning for all who Experience it.
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40 Ways to Become Happier, More Filled With Love, and More Abundantly Blessed


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Through this book, author, illustrator, motivational and inspirational performer, recording artist, and life-long seeker of universal spiritual truth, Michael D. Purvis, takes those who are (or may be) moving toward transition to the afterlife, their families and caregivers, on a wonderful and affirming journey in which he shares a simple, universal message. The text, complete with beautiful original illustrations is comforting and has been supported by the accounts of numerous Near Death Experiences and the research of many doctors and professionals in the fields of Healthcare and Spirituality.

The message is about life…
God is love, we are eternal, and our lives here on earth and our transition to the afterlife is one unified, love- filled journey. We are connected and can feel each other's presence during our lives, during our transitions, and after our transitions.

And the message is about what we call "death"…
We do not die- not really. We are all swimming in love. That is what God is and that is what we are. We need not be afraid of death, for we are never really "gone." Our lives and our journeys are connected, and we will always be. For this connection with each other and with God (as each of us conceives of God) is the power of love and our true destiny as humans and as souls.



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Excerpt from Book: 

Foreward of Book

Near Death Experiences, research about them, and accounts of them have been a great influence upon this author and millions of people who have read and heard about them. They have shed great light on the subject of heaven or the afterlife for we moderns who live in an age of amazing medical technology, technology which has literally brought so many back from the brink of death. For, those who have visited the "other side" truly do have amazing and comforting stories to tell us about what they experienced.

Some who read this book will be preparing for a transition to the afterlife. Others might be caregivers or friends or family of such a person. Others might be those who have experienced a Near Death Experience.

Yet no matter who we are, we are all, if the truth be told, interested in what our existence after death might hold. We all have a natural curiosity about the place we came from, and the place to which we shall return. And thanks to NDE's, we do know much more than we ever did before about this subject of such great interest.

And just what do experiencers of NDE's report?

Aside from notions of heaven having the aspect of a "school" where we learn and grow, and that our role in our destiny is much more collaborative and participatory than we ever thought before, the overwhelmingly consistent overall message of thousands of Near Death Experience accounts is that God loves us- no matter what.! And, wonderfully, the folks who come back to tell us of their near brush with death are virtually unanimously changed by their experience of God's unconditional love. Their example is so instructive for we humans who have not had the blessing of an NDE!

They report it felt as if they were swimming in love, and that God's love permeated everything. NDE experiencers are, by definintion, those who return to earth. Wonderfully, they virtually all seem to want to extend the encompassing love they experienced in their NDE to all they meet.

By coming back to us, they have become great teachers. They want to show us what they have learned, which is that living in the light of love is the most important thing of all! They show us, through their very presence what God's love is like, because they are brimming over with it. They are completely changed from the self they used to be before their NDE, and this is shining in their faces for all to see. They teach us through their joyful presence that we can experience the love of God right now, right here on earth! If you have the opportunity to meet one of these people or see them on film, I urge you to take advantage of this gift. I believe it will change your life!

Though each experience is unique and contains what God felt each NDE subject was ready to see and hear, the consistent message of virtually all near death experiences sings out in unison:

We are spirit. We do not die. God loves us no matter what. When we die we will feel the overwhelming beauty of God's love for us constantly. We can know this love right now, right here on earth, if we choose to.

This love, felt so keenly in an NDE is so beautiful, that people who have near death experiences often report that they did not want to come back to earth. Yet after speaking (often telepathically) with their heavenly teachers, they understood that their journey on earth was not finished. They had work to do, things to do for the growth of their own soul and for others. So they willingly, though often reluctantly, came back. But it was their decision. This is another fascinating aspect of the afterlife told by those who have had near death experiences. It seems that God very gently leads us. We do have free will. We learn at our own pace, and God will never force us to do anything we do not wish to or are not ready for.

And whether we or our loved ones have had a brush with death and return to earth (as in an NDE), or whether we or our loved ones are transitioning to the afterlife, the incredible message of the NDE is for all of us:

Do not be afraid! All happens in life, in transition to the afterlife, and in the afterlife itself in Divine order, with Divine help, and with the utmost of care, gentleness, and love.

From the Body of Book

And when its time for me to go
Its alright if you cry
I know it will be hard my dears
To say our "last good-byes."

But keep in mind, it's not goodbye,
I'll see you all again;
For I am going someplace grand,
With angels and old friends.

Yes, you'll come where I am going,
And in time you all will see
Just why this place of love is called
A garden and "heavenly."

And when it all is said and done
Please won't you dry your tears-
And live your life, and love your loves
And cherish all your years?

For we all are on a journey
And we truly all are loved
And all of us are heading
Toward the place we call "above"

Yet this place which knows no time
Isn't "up" or "down;"
It's our Source and an extension
Of the love that's "all around."

So if you want to hear my voice
I'd simply like to say
"The love that you are 'swimming in'
Will show you each the way

To find me when you need me,
So look inside your heart-
For I will nourish you with my love
And we will never part!"

(c) 2004, Michael D. Purvis



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