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Love Has Come Down at Christmas
An Uplifting Book which Focuses
upon the Thankfulness, Joy, Transformation and Mystery
which is present in our Christmas-time Journey.

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40 Ways to Become Happier, More Filled With Love, and More Abundantly Blessed



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What a joy Christmas is! How, as children, we looked forward to it. But as adults, sometimes the weight of the world interferes, and Christmas may even come to be associated with painful memories of events which happened near or during Christmas-time in recent years. Or, we may simply not have the heart to experience the joy of Christmas due to things which happened at any time, during any year- even long ago.

It is when this happens that we must renew our thankfulness, and open to the joy and the mystery which is the Christmas journey. For, no matter what sad events have occurred, no matter how upset or depressed we may be (or have recently been), Christmas is our chance to reconnect with God, with ourselves, with joy, mystery, and each other. It, like Easter, is a wonderful chance for transformation!

This is why the story of Mr. Scrooge in Charles Dickens' wonderful book, A Christmas Carol, is so appealing to all of us; for we know, down deep, that Christmas truly is a transformational journey. We love to watch joy, love and thankfulness surface in Dickens' character, Mr. Scrooge, because we know that to a great degree, he is all of us. So, dear reader, here is a little book about transformation to all of these things for we modern folk. It is my prayer for you that no matter where or when it is you may be reading this book, you may have the transformation you need. May this Christmas bring to you all the mystery, joy, connection and love you are longing for! And, in the words of Tiny Tim:

"God bless us, every one!"



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Excerpt from Book: 

"I grow old… I grow old…
I shall wear the bottoms of my trousers rolled."
-T.S. Eliot,
from "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock"

"I end where I begin…"
-T.S. Eliot,
from The Cocktail Party

So once again the wheel of seasons has turned
and to our sources we do return.
Towers have fallen, and still we remember;
the world is war-torn,
in this tenuous December.

Relationships end; the times they are a'changin',
and some are hurting, for the death of someone dear;
and across the world and even in our hearts
were it not for Christmas cheer
one might ask-
"What sort of God…"

What sort of God could allow such trouble
to live in our hearts and in our lives?
Who, if omnipotent, omnipresent, and all-seeing
Would not stop it at once, before it came a-knocking at our doors?

Yes, "Who could allow it?" we might silently wonder,
query with confusion, picturing God, our Mysterious Stranger
scooping up clay to form tiny figures like toy soldiers we fear are us.
"Us?" we might wonder, "Are we to be squashed?"
"God, can that be You, delighting in our doom,
like some mad, mischievous child, destroying his creation?"

Oh, how tempting to feel all this and more, and yet-

We grow old, we grow old,
we shall wear the bottoms of our trousers rolled…

Too wise are we to indulge in such notions
in hearts and minds for too long a time.
Too wise are we to clutter our spirits
with thoughts with which we dare not long linger-
It's best to continue with life, we know,
for experience has taught us, that time heals ev'rything,
trite as it might sound.

And, so, to home we wander!-
though things are not perfect,
though home may be a new place, with nothing the same.
To home we wander!-
to see father and mother, or to kindle their memory, amongst the familiar.

And indeed, inside the door, what joy!-
warm hands, smiles, and a Christmas tree!
Ornaments from Christmas-past hang for all to see,
and we are ornaments too,
our faces grown older, but beaming, and kindly.

We take on the glow of Christmas-now,
and cease our wondering "Why?"
For, if we wonder, "Why?" and "How could?…"
We must wonder it too of all that is good!
And good, we now see, abounding around us,
in our faces, the tree, and spiced Christmas tea!

We sigh, and smile, and look about us,
and instead of accusing, think a new sort of "how"-
"How," when we pay so little attention
to God and His angels who are surely about us,
"how" when towers fall, and wars rage, and daily we err and spin our wheels,
and surely we are not blameless!-
"How then, does love still 'come down at Christmas?'"-
Even to us?

Is it not the highest of gifts?
Is not our God, indeed very good?

We grow old, we grow old,
we shall wear the bottoms of our trousers rolled…

(c) 2004, Michael D. Purvis



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