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Poems of Spirit & Humanity
Poetry Recording and Large Print Book
with Color Art Print Sections
Available Soon in Downloadable Book, CD and Video Format

Poems of Spirit and Humanity

Compact Disc

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Like the Within recording, Poems of Spirit and Humanity is perfect enrichment material for a prayer time for those of any religious tradition, or a special Bible study. Its recurrent theme of the soul searching for God and Spirit will strike a familiar chord in all those who are seekers after God and His love.

In the recording:
listeners will enjoy Michael's clear, expressive voice reading wonderful, human and spirit themed poems, plus beautiful musical interludes.

In the large print book:
readers will likewise enjoy these meaningful, uplifting poems and a large, forty page color art print section, entitled "Artwork of Spirit and Humanity."

Available Now in:
CD, Cassette, and Large Print Book
with Forty Page Color Art Print Section !

(Available soon in Book and Video)


(Coming Soon)



Body of the book

Original Introductory Music

Six Poems

An original musical interlude

Six Poems

Color Plates
Artwork of Spirit and Humanity by Michael D. Purvis

An original musical interlude

Eight Poems

Original closing music

A Listing of
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Here is an example of the sort of artwork you will find
in the forty page color art print section of
Poems of Spirit and Humanity:

(c) 2003, Michael D. Purvis

Excerpts from the Book

Angels Dance 'Round Us

angels dance 'round us
with quiet feet
we cannot hear their movement
though sometimes there is a small audible sigh
we feel their frustration
sense their amused little stare

angels dance 'round us
as we are carried on God's shoulders
which are very wide
perched atop them as he moves
we feel the cosmos spin
and want to dance with God and the angels

but we are clumsy

we are like the Tin Man
in need of oil-
a rusty machine-man
which has forgotten how to run

and all around us
the angels whirl!-
pushing and pulling our feet up and down
as we try to get the steps
feel the beat
and the joy

just when they are ready to give up
falling down all around us
winded, exasperated
weary of pushing and pulling our feet:

we get it!

we dance!

dance the joyful dance
to the music of earth, heavens, stars and spheres
dance to the pulsation of life-
we move freely
we are quickened
dancing the dance of joy
and finally expelling fear
we dance the dance of love
of life!


On Change

"How true the old saying,
'Yield and you need not break'!
How completely it comes home!"
-Lao Tzu

I heard someone observe
that human beings are by nature uncomfortable with life,
that we are not at ease with our journey.

My father used to say,
"Life bloodies us,"
and then quote the poet:
"'Life ain't no crystal stair', son."

thumbing through yellowed pages,
I found Lao Tzu's ancient words,
And found them full of wisdom:

"Yield and you need not break:
Bent you can straighten,
Empty you can mend; …"

I thought then of Jesus,
sitting on a hillside long ago
with his flock, his lambs,
"Consider the lilies of the field…"

Fathers, poets, philosophers and God's Son-
All with wisdom for God's children.

We must.

We are bound to, at least a little-
But we try to follow the advice of sages, of God:

Bend, yield,
search for Divinity and heal…

We must ever remain a green twig,
Green inside, no matter our age in years
(time being an illusion, I suspect more and more).

We must be molded and shaped,
By God, by fate-

It is bend or break.

And if we break, for lack of bending,
having become rigid, dry, unbending-
we must heal, take time to become green again inside.

Change is our lot.

And when we join in our bending with others and with God,
in a dance of green twigs,
intertwining, weaving our lives together, our spirits-
we make beautiful baskets!
baskets in which others, wearied and broken, are carried,
baskets in which gifts are given,
baskets which are both gift and giver.

We carry others that they might rest, and be healed-

and sometimes
we too are carried.

(c) 2003, Michael D. Purvis


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